Monday, November 29, 2010

Things I've Learned Regarding "Pre-Wedding" Based from Genesis 2:18-25 (Part 2)

It's been a long time since i haven't posted here on this blog site. I've been focusing on my first blog site but I'm back .

I've shared the part 1 of the things i've learned regarding pre-wedding from Genesis 2:18-25 last time and here's the part 2.

"Adam Was Given A Job First Before He Was Given A Wife" (Genesis 2:15-25)

I got this thought from the sermon yesterday of our Pastor in our Sunday  Church  Service and i thought of adding it here. I like that thought. God is so wise that before Eve was given to Adam, God gave Adam work first. In application to our lives, think about it, you're asking to have a wife or a husband but u don't have work yet, how are u going to support your family? Be practical. 

God Will Make Sure That You And I Will Be Delighted In The Husband /Wife He Would Give (Genesis 2:23)

In that verse, we could see that Adam was loved at first sight with Eve. He was delighted when God presented Eve to him. That scene i believe was so exciting not only to God but especially to Adam and Eve. Adam was so used in seeing different animals and for him, no suitable partner was found from those species but when he saw Eve, At last! she is the one! I love how The Message Translation wrote it: "The Man said, "Finally! Bone of my bone,  flesh of my flesh!".Note the word "finally."

I remember what my other sister told me. Her connect group leader prayed for her like this: "Lord, give her a godly and goodlooking husband." And he explained to her why he prayed for her like that. He said, "Because, if our partner in life is only godly but ugly, its not delightful, isn't it?" So everytime our Area Pastor visits me and my sister and prays for a "godly husband" for us, we always add to his prayer, "and goodlooking husband , Lord."....hahaha.

Enjoy Your Time With God And God's Creation In The Time Of Waiting, Don't Complain About Your Singleness (Genesis 2:19)

Adam saw different kinds of animals with their mates but he didn't complain to God and said, "Lord, why is it that every animal has it's partner but i don't have?" But  he enjoyed what he was seeing and he even named them one by one. And I've noticed in that verse that God gave him freedom to name every animal God was bringing to him. Adam enjoyed his time with God and God's creation in the time of waiting.

I like this quote from the book True Love Weds (you can read my book review of it by clicking this). It says there, "Waiting is painful, heartbreaking, agonizing, excruciating, unbearable. yet it is all worth it! It's God's way of teaching us many, many things."

Yes, there is truth in it but instead of waiting in pain, heartbreak and agony, why not enjoy your time with God and his creation in the time of waiting? After all, girls, "man does not complete you or even for guys, "a girl" can't complete you. God completes you. " As one saying goes, "There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus." (read my related blog on this topic by clicking here.)

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