Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wedding...Every Woman's Dream

This was the first photo i took when i passed by a wedding fair years ago. I entitled this photo as Wedding...Every Woman's Dream.

Be honest women! We women dream of a beautiful or memorable wedding, if not grand wedding.

Its been in my heart to start another blogsite aside from what i already have,

My friend encouraged me to start another blogsite about fashion.Fashion is also one of my passions but wedding is really a strong subject in my heart and since i'm the family event planner, organizer, scriptwriter, it  and i did it  ( but of course with limitations:), so i prioritized tackling this subject. In this subject i would like to help or at least contribute to your plans for your dream wedding. So here it is,

Why Dreams and Reality?

Dreams-according to free dictionary is a wild fancy or hope; a condition or achievement that is longed for; an aspiration. 

Every woman longs for a beautiful wedding. On this blogsite, i will share many things about weddings which im going to research about...from wedding dress to reception....and all those wedding essentials.

Reality- because we need to realize that in reality, we don't just think of the wedding per se but the family we're going to enter after the ceremony, the things that are in involved before and after wedding and also the marriage life, etc. Here, i will post things that will talk about life before or after one's wedding with the help of the experienced people and other writers.

I'm so excited about this new blogsite.I don't have any experience with the wedding yet.I'm still "a girl waiting" but one of my dreams or longings is to have a memorable and beautiful one.Something that i am asking God for a gift in my life. After all, God will not withhold any good thing from his children. My ex-boyfriend said, " you deserve a beautiful wedding...a wedding that people in your country will talk about." Wow...amen to that (so be it). I consider that statement later as a prayer and of course, that God will be glorified on my wedding day and later on in my marriage life because He is the giver of good gifts.

Wedding dreams and reality...something that really excites me about. They say that when you help fulfill other people's dreams, God will fulfill yours. So here it is, i just want to help you fulfill your memorable and beautiful dream wedding and later on, enjoy and share mine too, in God's time. "Stay tune" for more updates:)

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