Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Wife

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When i was riding in a taxi going to work the past few days, i started composing these words in my heart and when i got home the other day from work, i started to write these down on my notebook and here's my composition. Men, i hope you would treat your wife like this:

A wife is someone to love not to hate
She is a help-meet not your helper
She should be your supporter 
not your competitor, nor your destroyer.

A wife should always be remembered, not forgotten.
Live with her not leave her
Take care of her and don't say "I don't care."

A wife doesn't need a shout and doesn't need to be in doubt
She needs your whisper, your sweet talk and a good talk as you walk
Give her your comfort not just your financial support.

A wife needs your listening ears
She always wants your words saying, "I'll be here, remove your fears."

A wife should be treasured
God gave her, so cherish her...
Love her as Christ loves her
She is yours and should not belong to any other man
Keep her as the apple of your eye, man!

A wife should be your one and only
No number two, no number three,
no number four nor number forty four
Make her your first and last, not your past
Till death do you part...this should be in your heart!

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I put "copyright" on my every post because this is my blog site, it's like my signature on my every post. 
Most of the thoughts i post here are my own writings...
these are the things I've learned as i spend time reading God's word during my devotional time and sometimes, words are just dropped in my heart.
And if in case you would like to post my own writings/poems/devotional thoughts/insights to your own blogs or use them in any way, please ask permission from me first or at least give credit that it came from me. 
Thank you so much:))
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