Friday, February 3, 2012

Friends Or Lovers?

Valentine's day is around the corner. Everyone is excited about it especially those who are in love. In line with that, I wanna share some thoughts from the book I've read a few months ago (I'll post a review of that book soon on my other blog site).

In the meantime, here are some interesting thoughts there which i totally agree of:

A woman may have a platonic friendship with a man-and that's all it is. Yes women see circumstances differently from men. Women see things a man does not see. Just because you are great friends with a guy does not mean he's planning to marry you. He may be really nice to you, he may say wonderful things about you, he may even tell you that you would be a wonderful wife-all without ever intending to marry you. Friendship with men can confuse women. However, you should still be a friend first. Your relationship should start out as friendship and progress to courtship and then to matrimony. But how can you avoid the situation where the friend you hoped to marry calls you one day and tells you about this wonderful woman he met? He just wanted to call you, his friend, to tell you about his happiness.

Learn to listen. Are you foreseeing and imagining a future with someone who hasn't discussed having a future with you? Listen to what the man says. In some cases, men lie and deceive you, but in most cases, women deceive themselves. Men tend to commit to their words. Just because a man is nice to you, friendly, caring, and helpful, don't assume he loves you in a way that will eventually lead to marriage. Protect your heart by really listening to what he says.

From the book 
What Women Don't Know (and Men Dont Tell You)

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