Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Wedding Date I Treasure

my parents

Yesterday (January 15) was our parents' 54th wedding anniversary (although my father already went home to the Lord in May 2009, i still count the years of their wedding anniversary.)

My mother is still alive of course, and, i and the whole family pray that God will still add more fruitful years to her life.

A few days before their wedding anniversary, i jokingly sent my mother a text message that made her laugh. My text message was pretending to be coming from my father (which of course would not happen because he is already in heaven with the Lord and his soul will not go back to appear to us or text my mother anymore).I just did it to make my mother laugh and we usually joke our mother with text messages coming from our father which gives us laughter. So my text message says this way:  

         "Hi Fanny (my mother's nickname). c tatay berting to. Happy wedding anniversary. Pacensya ka na nauna na ako sa langit. Wag ka munang sumunod. Hintayin mo munang makapag asawa yung tatlo. (When translated, it means, "Hi Fanny. This is Tatay Berting. Happy Wedding Anniversary. I'm sorry that i went to heaven ahead of time. Don't follow me there too soon. Wait first for the three to get married" (note: the "three" refers to us three singles in the family. Tatay Berting is how our mother sometimes would call our father if mentioned to other people or to us))

My mother laughed of course when she received that text message. From time to time, she misses our father. Imagine being with him for 50 years. It wasn't a perfect relationship (there's no such thing as a "perfect relationship"). There were ups and downs but i thank the Lord because they stayed with each other for 50 good health and in good times and in bad times....and until my father died in a hospital four years ago.

They helped each other take care of us eight (we are eight children and i am the youngest).

Our mother became mother of the year in 1977 and i believe she received that award because people in our community and in our schools saw how she took care of us, how she became a good mother and an understanding wife. She was 39 years old then. At that age, she already became a mother of eight. It wasn't easy to have eight children i believe but our mother was able to manage and take care of us.

My mother (at the center) with a former mayor
and teacher in our town

Regarding my father, i had good memories of him as well. I remember him listening to me when i was heart-broken. He felt what i felt. Although he was a very strict father when we were so young, i understand why he did that. He was strict but a sweet father and i can say that what he always wanted was for our own good. 

And what i really liked about him was, before he died, he surrendered his life to our Lord Jesus Christ, he also asked one of our church Pastors for his smooth passing and he learned to forgive and forget.

me and my father in the hospital before he died

I still have a lot to say but space is not enough. Remembering what our parents had accomplished for us gave me a reason to be grateful to God for giving me good parents. Yes, they are not perfect but they are good. They are a gift...they are a treasure.

January 15...a wedding date i treasure. It was a special date where my father and mother vowed to the Lord to start their own family and that family is where i now belong. Now, growing in numbers...growing in the Lord...learning more and experiencing more of the goodness, reality and faithfulness of our living God. 

To God be all the glory!

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