Saturday, April 9, 2011

Marry Me

Marry Me...i first heard this song from a public transportation and i began to like it because of the words "marry me." To me, those words are very special and should be spoken with extra care, sincerity and great responsibility.

A few years ago, someone proposed those words to me and  the guy even asked permission from my parents and asked for my hands to marry him. I felt very special just hearing those words from him and the fact that he asked my hands from my parents was quite  impressive. I thought we would end up marrying each other but communication stopped for almost a year and when we started communicating again, he was confused...he said he loved me and would fulfill his promise to marry me but he chose someone younger. A couple of weeks later, after he married that girl, he sent me a message that he missed me and he said that my tears would haunt him forever. He offered me a gift to compensate on what had happened but i said, "No, i don't need your gift. There's nothing you could do anymore."

Quite painful for me and maybe for him as well, at first, but wherever they are right now, i just wish them the best.

I shared this experience because i just wanna give advice to men, especially.

Men, when u say the words, "Marry Me" or "Will you marry me?" to a girl, just make sure that you're really sincere and you know what you're talking about and you're really ready to face God and that girl on the altar to exchange "I do's"...for better or for sickness or in poverty or riches... and you're sure that you won't regret choosing her from among the many beautiful, attractive and talented girls that you meet at present and would meet in the future and make sure that the girl you are  going to say those words to is the one suitable for you (as what Genesis 2 says), a wife of a noble character  and  a person who fears the Lord (Proverbs 31). Don't be  deceived by charm or beauty or fame or riches or a beautiful body  but choose a woman who fears the Lord and that you've also prayed for that person and that it is what God wants to happen in your relationship with her.

Say "Marry Me" when you are ready....say "Marry Me" when you are really sure...say "Marry Me" when you know that the person you're going to say those words to is the one you want to live the rest of your life with...say "Marry Me" when you know that the person you're going to say those words to is the partner suitable for you to be your help-meet in everything God has called you to do.

Going back to this song, I love its lyrics especially this line..." Marry Me today and everyday..." To me, that means, being in love with the same girl today and everyday the rest of your life.

Here's the video of "Marry Me"...I first saw this video on Thess' blog and was also featured on Bro Kevin's blog. Now, i want to share this here.

May this blog and this video change your perspective in saying the words, "Marry Me." And may God guide you in choosing the one you're going to marry. 


  1. I will have this song played on my wedding :)

  2. I guess my first comment didn't go through...I'm sorry about what happened to you. what a story.

    I love this song, I'll have it played on my wedding :)

  3. what happened to me was not to be sorry about i would be sorry if i married a wrong guy. thanks for commenting Thess.i really appreciate it.

    great! but i would go for "i will be here" by steven curtis chapman for my wedding song:)

  4. I love this song too, makes me think of my love.


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